ClearingWF Lane Construction, Inc. provides services to remove trees, stumps, bushes, stones or anything that is unwanted but on the surface of your property.  We use a range of methods to clear large areas, depending on your needs. Our clearing services can be used to create pasture, construction or clearing trees for safety purposes.

Clearing large properties is not simply removing the shrubs, trees or other obstructions on a superficial level. Even on such a large scale, our workmanship ensures that your property is clear from the roots itself, making sure that it doesn’t bother you anymore.

What’s more is that we assess your land before carrying out the clearing. Doing this helps us find the most cost-effective but also sustainable way of clearing the land. Your land will be clear from anything you don’t like, but with as minimal damage as possible.

Let us turn that large piece of unused land into something you can work on and be proud of.