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We Offer the Following Excavation Services:

When it comes to excavation services, the domain is as extensive as the pacific. And it is safe to say that only a few brands excel in specializing across all departments. WF Lane Construction is one such enterprise. With a professional team filled to the brim with skilled contractors, services we specialize in include, not limited to, are:

Safe, Efficient, Cost Effective Clearing Services

WF Lane Construction provides professional lot clearing services that prepare and grade your land for construction. We have completed many lot clearing projects quickly, safely, and efficiently. Our company is fully equipped and skilled to handle any size and type of land.

Our highly-trained and experienced team receives rigorous training regarding the best practices of land clearing. WF Lane Construction’s full-service and certified specialists and professionals will transform your lots with meticulous care. Our team takes pride in leaving areas much better than when we arrived, and your property isn’t an exception.

Whether you need one or 100 acres cleared, we are fully equipped handle your project. Our latest equipment and tools allow us to move efficiently and quickly and always give us a competitive edge over the competitors.

We have years of clearing experience and handle clearing projects of all types and scales. We understand the challenges of large acreage clearing projects because we have completed thousands of such projects. We are fully equipped with the latest equipment, technology, and workmanship to provide exceptional services 

We have the best in excavation and clearing equipment as well as an experienced and competent team to get the job done

Our Focus

Our focus remains on your complete satisfaction with our top-notch quality work in all our services. We never compromise on our workmanship, no matter the project size. Our dedicated team pays attention to each detail from start to finish ensuring outstanding results.

Back Fills

Backfilling has a number of purposes. From protecting foundations to landscaping to strengthening underground structures, backfilling is important in a lot of ways. WF Lane Construction provides excavation and backfilling services for both commercial and residential purposes. With prior planning and our experienced team, we can give you backfill services on time and as you want it.

Our systems work in an efficient and timely manner. Whether it be for your house backyard or a construction project, remember us for any and all of your backfilling needs. We provide high quality excavation services and leave a cleanly leveled surface for you.

Finish Grades

After rough grading, finish grading is done to even out every tiny contour and bump on your land. Each kind of property has a different process with it’s own details. Call us to examine the property and give you a free estimate and a plan of action. Final grading needs to be done precisely and smoothly, and if you hire WF Lane Construction, we can provide exactly that.

WF Lane Construction has a lot of experience in finish grading which means that by the end of our project; we leave behind a marble-like smoothness for your property. Smooth surfaces are the best foundations for a smooth running construction project. Choose us to ensure that your construction project gets the best and highest quality services.

Rough Grades

Rough grading is the first step towards establishing a turf in your property. Constructing anything can be a daunting task, but WF Lane Construction has the customer care and the expertise to walk you along the way step by step.

Grading is extremely important for water drainage and controlling soil erosion in your property. Rough grading is the first and most drastic step. To ensure that your land won’t flood over or erode, rough grading needs to be done effectively.

Lucky for you, WF Lane Construction provides a high standard of rough grading services. With the constant communication between our team and you, our technology and your vision, we can provide you with fast and reliable services, protecting your land from these disasters of nature permanently.

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