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Professional Site Development Services

Before you break the ground or hammer the first nail, you should prepare the construction site appropriately. This is the initial step in site development. It includes physically preparing the site, and it needs professional and strategic planning. WF Lane Construction provides a detailed and full range of commercial site development services. We ensure that your construction has a solid foundation so that it’s ready to withstand all types of environmental challenges.

From initial project estimation and site layout to final applications like paving, curbing, and retaining wall installation, our team handles all facets of your site or land development project. Also, as a reliable and full-service construction company in the area, we pride ourselves in providing one of the most comprehensive and diverse lists of services that are available in the land and site development sector.

Full Range of Site Development Services

Site development involves several tasks that vary according to your particular area, building type, and work that the site needs. This is a critical step in both renovation and new construction projects. With our in-depth knowledge, insight, and experience, we ensure to provide a perfectly developed site ready for your construction project.

Pre-construction planning

We can help you with the pre-construction planning to design a better project, schedule, budget, and a better bid.

Ground preparation

Clearing and leveling the construction site is vital in site development. It also includes geotechnical investigations of the site to understand the characteristics of the soil, groundwater, and rocks.

Management of environmental concerns

We ensure that your construction work shouldn’t cause undue damage to the surrounding environment. We develop a plan to address and manage any issues.