Reliable and Safe Snow and Ice Removal Services

In extreme weather conditions, it becomes challenging to clear the roadways, and other infrastructure for the public. We partner with the Virginia Department of Transportation to keep travelers and business safe in the snow. You can rely on WF Lane Construction’s expertise whenever you need snow and ice removal services.

Our team of trained, fully equipped, and trained professionals works efficiently on the snow removal project to reduce risks and minimize your business downtime. 

Snow and Ice Response, Management and Safety Plan

At WF Lane Construction, we are highly concerned about the safety of our clients and communities. We provide exceptional training to our employees to ensure a quick response, management, and comprehensive protection of our clients, employees, and properties.

Our trained and dependable team members are ready to respond quickly, even during adverse weather conditions. With the right tools and equipment, we ensure faster and cost-effective outcomes. This results in mitigating risks and protecting your property and public infrastructure.

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